Half-Day Private Customized Changchun City Tour With Spring Pancake Meal


Your 4-hours private customized tour, you can choice one attraction you like in Changchun: the Museum of The Imperial Palace of Manchukuo,The World Sculptural Park, South Lake Park,Zoological and Botanical Garden of Changchun,Jingyue Pool,Changchun Movie Millennium Town, Meals you can choice: Laocang spring pancake restaurant,Chinese good dumpling restaurant, or local rice or dish restaurant.

Your Suggestion Itinerary:

Meet your private tour guide at your hotel lobby at your preferred time schedule on the booking list,Choose a  attraction that you want to visit the most when you book. Below is a popular things to do list: • Puppet Emperor’s Palace (Wei Huang Gong)Although the history became the history,The Museum of The Imperial Palace of Manchukuo still reminds us of the darkness at that period. It was here that Puyi, the last emperor of China was installed as the nominal head of state by the Japanese. The Puppet Emperor’s Palace is located in the northeast of Changchun City. It is a series of buildings that are totally different from modern styles. The palace bears witness to the Japanese invasion of Dongbei (northeast part of China) and the royal tragedy of Puyi and his concubines, we will spend 2 hours there. •  Changchun World Sculpture Park is a bright star inlaid at the south part of Renmin Street on the territory of urban district. Covering land area of 92 hectare, it is a modern city sculpture park combining natural hill and water with human scenery, where, the East and West Civilization of the World, Chinese Tradition and Modern Culture are compromised to embody its permanent there of Friendship, Peace and Spring. • Jingyue Pool, it is very beautiful place. • Zoological and Botanical Garden of Changchun, you will see a lots of animals,some flowers and plants • South Lake Park, you will see beautiful lake and landscape. • Changchun Movie Millennium Town, it is entertainment places. Afer tour  your will be transfered back to your hotel.

Overview Changchun

Changchun (simplified Chinese: 长春; traditional Chinese: 長春; pinyin: Chángchūn) is the capital and largest city of the Jilin province of China. The name of the city means “Eternal Spring”. In the year 1800, the Jiaqing Emperor set up a trading post in a small village to trade furs and other goods. This village later became Changchun Ting.

In 1898, Changchun got its first train station, which was built by the Russian Empire.

After Japan invaded Manchuria in September 1931, the Japanese established the capital of the newly formed puppet state, Manchukuo, in Changchun. The Japanese renamed the city Shinkyō (kanji: 新京, meaning: New Capital), and it is here where the Japanese established the former Emperor Pu-yi as the Emperor of Manchukuo. During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese built much of the infrastructure that still stands today, including the Manchukuo Imperial Palace, the First Clinical Hospital of Jilin University, the Palace of Geology, and several others.

On August 20, 1945, the Soviet Red Army entered the city, captured Emperor Pu-yi, and drove the Japanese out. They stayed there until the Kuomintang drove them out in 1946. The KMT held the city until 1948, when it got overwhelmed by the communist PLA in 1948. During the Siege of Changchun, up to 80% of civilians starved to death.

Despite the hatred the Chinese have for the Japanese today, the Chinese took down few of the Japanese buildings because they were already so well-built that the Chinese thought it would be a waste to tear them down. Nonetheless, the tumblers that Starbucks sells in Changchun feature the Changchun Railway Station out of all the other monuments in the city, due to the fact that it itself is not a Japanese-made building.

Changchun is also the heart of China’s car-making business.