Puppet Emperor’s Palace

Puppet Emperor’s Palace

The Museum of Imperial Palace of Manchu State(伪满皇宫博物馆) was built in 1962, which is commonly referred to as the Puppet Emperor’s Palace. It covered an area of 12 hectares, located in Guangfu Road in the northeast road of Changchun. The Museum of Imperial Palace of Manchu State was the palace of last emperor, Puyi, who had lived in there since 1932 to 1945 and wrote his famous autobiography, “the First Half of My Life”.

The major building of the puppet palace is a two-storey house with yellow tiles covered on the top, which consists Qinmin Building, Jixi Building and Tongde Palace. Those 3 buildings were established with a combination of Chinese and Western patterns, which demonstrate distinctive building style in every design.


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