Old Eight Department

Old Eight Department

The Old Eight Department(旧八大部) was established in 1936, located near Xinmin Street in the center of Changchun. It consists of 8 institutions of Manchukuo, that is, Department of Security, Department of Legislation, Department of Economy, Department of Transportation, Department of Agriculture, Department of Culture and Education, Department of diplomacy and Department of Health.

Besides, each building of the 8 institutions are of distinctive designing, which mainly adapted western pattern, as there is a rich of grand buildings, and courtyards with flapping flowers down the arch. Poplars stand straightly along both sides of Xinmin Street, which add a sense of tranquility and serenity to the city, with the distinctive buildings hiding among the trees.

The construction of the Old Eight Department was finished in 1936, whereas the “New Imperial Palace” (referred to as the Geology Palace in modern times) belonged to Puyi was half way from completion,which began to take shape at the beginning of liberation. The palace covered an area of 31.2 square kilometers, the ground in front of which has been adapted into cultural plaza for relaxation. The green meadow, white pigeons and the grandeur sculpture of sunbird are appealing to a booming population each day. If you stand on the axis of the palace and turn to the south, you are welcomed by a 60-meter-wide street directed toward the Nanhu Park, with poplars and cloves sending fresh, just like a green gallery.

The legislative institution of Manchukuo (referred to as the 461 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army) covered an area over 100,000 square meters. The central building was constructed with tower roof, with purplish red glazed tiles inlayed. The external wall was covered with brown bricks. Exquisite ideas of its designer can be found everywhere, and the overall appearance of the building is a sort of fillet curve. It was once the supreme court of Manchukuo.


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