World Sculpture Park

World Sculpture Park

The World Sculpture Park(世界雕塑公园) is located in the southern end of Renmin Street in Changchun. As a theme park, it centers the essence of modern art and a wide range of sculpture genre. Under the exquisite design of top designers all over the world, the park is carefully decorated under the crave idea of a combination of traditional and modern elements.

The park contains 451 masterpieces of 401 brilliant sculptors from 216 countries and regions, which is rich in exotic styles from distinct regions. Long lasting masterpieces of the great French sculpture Auguste Rodin, including “Thinker”, “Balzac”, “Walking Man”, are demonstrated densely in Rodin Square at the entrance of the park re-conducted from the original mould preserved in Rodin Museum, France. The park has topped the list of world sculpture parks in terms of internationality and artistry.

At the same time, Changchun Sculpture Art Gallery, with a construction area of 12,500 square meters, has recently developed into the largest Sculpture art gallery in China. Indeed, the unique design of its appearance has well-expressed its own value as an exquisite sculpture. Influential art works are displayed in special exhibition rooms, and in other parts of the gallery, there is no lack of exhibition rooms, classrooms, international meeting rooms, and creative studio. Large populations of fans are appealed to there to enjoy the advanced instruments and receive the charm of art.

Located in the northeastern part of the park, the Museum of Songshan-Hanrong African Art Collection provides you an access toward African arts. Over 12,000 pieces of exquisite African sculpture and paintings from southeastern countries in Africa, including Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, are preserved here, which contribute to the center of Makonde Woodcarving in China.


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