Jilin Provincial Museum

Jilin Provincial Museum

The Jilin Province Museum(吉林省博物馆) was established in Sep.2003, and it is now under the leadership of Jilin Province Department of Culture. In Sep. 2003, the former Jilin Province Museum and the Modern History Museum merged into the present Jilin Province Museum which is located at No. 3188, Renmin Street, Changchun city.

There are up to one hundred thousand collections in the museum, dated from ancient times to the modern times. The Chinese dynastical calligraphy and paintings, collections of Goguryeo, Bohai, Manchu, modern times occupy an important position in domestic museums. In May 2007, former premises of Jilin Province Museum were constructed, as new buildings located in Jingyue Economy Development Zone with an area of 32,000 square meters which emerged as Changchun Science Technology and Cultural Centre. In the near future, Jilin Province Museum will join in the list of advanced domestic museums with a new image.

As the centre of Jilin’s cultural relic collection, protection, exhibition and scientific research, the Museum will better its functions, and constantly enrich and deepen people’s understanding and awareness of history and culture. Most importantly, it will make great contribution to the development and construction of spirituality.


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