Lake Jingyue

Lake Jingyue

Lake Jingyue (净月潭) is located approximately 12 kilometers southeast from the central area of Changchun, which earned its fame for the crescent shape of its dam. The Jingyue Lake is also famous for its picturesque and natural scenery of mountains and lakes. Besides, over 100 square kilometers of forests within the park has contributed to the “largest artificial forest area”.

The bathing place in Jingyue Lake region is referred to as the largest bathing place domestically. North Putuo Temple, a prestigious temple in northeast China, is brimmed with the smell of incense during the celebration of Buddhist Festival; whereas the bathing place also reveals exotic European, which serves as the world’s 2nd park under the theme of “the hometown of Santa Claus”.

Jingyue Ski Resort(净月潭滑雪场) is endowed with great geographic advantages and an assortment of travel resources, circled by forests and lakes, and covered an area of 18 square kilometers. Cable ways were set high above, and the ski resort includes a 1314-meter-long tube slideway claimed to be the longest in the world. In addition, it is exactly a “ski resort within the city”, with diverse amusement equipments available to cope with different needs. It is particularly suitable for a winter tour to get the real sense of grand northern scenery.


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