Changchun Film City

Changchun Film City

The Changchun Film City(长春电影城), which received advanced technology of film and art, reveals distinctive feature of multi-ethnic buildings both at home and abroad. Established in 1985, Changchun Film City was located in Lvyuan District, Changchun, adjacent to Changchun Film Studio, the largest integrated film studio in China.

The film city is mainly divided in to 6 districts, including district of exhibition of new technology, district of antique buildings, district of amusement and so forth. “Movie Land”, “Movie Palace ”, or “Circular Screen Movie” will enable a comprehensive experience of the art of movie. There are also traditional Chinese gate tower and classical European style buildings offering a sense of exotic feeling. In addition, amusement equipments like “the Wonder of Animals” or “the Mysterious Sea World” are reminding you of the nature of life.

The core program of Changchun Film City, namely, “the Tremendous Movie Land”, covers an area of 20,000 square meters. Settled on the green meadow, the appearance of the Movie Land is close to a flipping roll of film, reflecting a combination of both mildness and harmony. Nevertheless, the charm of the Movie Land lies in “the six palace and one hotel”, that is, “the palace of adventure”, “palace of historic sources”, “studio of movie”, “stadium of performance”, “stadium of movie stunts”, “stadium of space” and “Yuqilin Hotel”. Beside scenery visiting and entertainment, you will witness the progress of movie conducting and participate into a certain context to obtain practical knowledge of the movie.


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