Banruo Temple

Banruo Temple

The name of Banruo Temple(般若寺),in which “ban ruo” should be pronounced as “bo re” was of Buddhist lexical usage, referred to as “wisdom”. It is a sort of supreme wisdom with an insight comprehension of the entire creature within the world.

Banruo Temple situates in the northeastern area of the majestic Renmin Square. The temple was initially established in 1922, when Master Tanxu given the course of the Heart Sutra in Changchun in 1923. In 1934, the temple was entitled as “Huguo Banruo Temple”, which taken up 7,200 square meters as the largest Buddhist Temple in Changchun. Doors of the temple consist of 3 arch doors arranged in juxtaposition with upwarping angle on each door. It is undeniable that they are of well-positioned and exquisite designing. Namo Amitabha was carved on the red wall, and the towering palaces inside are of spectacular scenery with the background of trees.

Entering into the temple, you will be welcomed by the drum tower and the bell tower on the left and right side respectively. In the front, it is referred to as the Palace of Emperor, in the center of which there is a worship of Maitreya Buddha, with statues of the vivid scene of 8 monsters controlled by Four Emperors. The Grand Hall was established behind the Palace of Emperor, which is the center of the whole temple. The appearance of the Palace is of solemn and magnificent feature, alternated with distinctive arch, gorgeous paintings proudly carved on the beam, glittering. Sakyamuni Buddha is worshipped in the center of the palace, with the 18 disciples of Buddha standing by. Behind the palace worshipped Guanyin Bodhisattva Buddha, and further behind comes the Sutra Mansions which in huge possession of Buddhist Scriptures.

Old trees including Green pines and verdant cypresses tower in front of the palace, which perfectly matched with the red wall of the palace. Temple fares are set up in the 8th, 18th and 28th of April in the traditional Chinese calendar, which will appeal to thousands of tourists gather together here.


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